Fishing Solid Ring 20~100Pcs Fishing Lure Connectors Stainless Steel Snap Fishing Accessories Solid Ring Saltwater Tackle Chrome

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Fishing Solid Ring Fishing Lure Connectors Stainless Steel Snap Fishing Accessories Saltwater Freshwater Tackle Chrome

[Stainless Steel Solid Fishing Rings that are virtually "unbreakable" and offer superior strength as connectors between line and leader. They resist abrasion from wire lines, and unlike split rings, will not cut through softer lines.]


[9KM DWlife Fishing Solid Ring]

[High Strength Solid Rings] The stainless solid ring could not only make sure the smooth connection of lures or baits but also could provide realistic move for lure or bait. Use high strength to prevent fishes from pulling it apart.When you connect these with your lure or baits,you will be impressed by its lures or baits quickly through.

[Stable Connection for Lure or Bait] It will provide the stable connections for your connectors,you will never lose them anymore.You can change lures or baits quickly through using the tool. These are corrosion resistance and provide smooth connection for fishing connectors.The bait or lures on it would act more lively just like the actual fishes.

[Stainless Steel Fishing Rings] Made by high quality stainless steel,the body is made by high strength stainless steel, overall nickel plating to be corrosion resistance. It will make sure under high pressure from line or lure,corrosion resistance,rust resistance,abrasion resistance,high strength and durability. Whether you tie lures or bait on it, it can provide a very stable connection.

[For Both Saltwater and Freshwater] The stainless solid ring can be used not only for freshwater on rivers and lakes, but also for sea.It could be suitable for both saltwater and freshwater. You don’t need to worry about the saltwater will rust your connector rings anymore. The smooth surface part would not cut the line and then provide the flexible connection with lure or line.

[Multi Sizes for Your Fishing] We provide multi sizes for your choice.And the strength of these would be different from 68kg to 318kg(150~700lbs).The variety of 10 sizes are available.These sizes would meet your needs for different usages.Please confirm your suitable sizes before purchasing it.

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